Length: 6 km. Level: Easy

Lake Kukkarojärvi Circuit takes you to the moraine landscape of Vedenjakaja. An excellent starting point is the Parking area P8, where you can go straight to the Kukkarojärvi’s trail.

The path is wide and pleasant for any kind of shoes. The terrain is easy to navigate and beautiful. Moraine hillocks creates fairytale shapes in the environment.  Imagination flies to ancient tombstones or at least to dwellings, as they have been known in this region since prehistory.

Sunset is also great time for hiking.

Right from the start you can depart from the rest stop of Kukkaro-Manninen, where you can find two tables.

The trail runs along a wide and well maintained trail. On the left is pound Manninen and on the right is Lake Kukkarojärvi. There may be a few muddy spots on the way, but they can be easily crossed.

When approaching the cape of Kukkaroniemi, the route makes almost a full turn and continues east along the shores of Lake Kukkarojärvi while still on the right. The trail runs along the shoreline.

The trail is in good condition and allows well bypassing the pedestrians.

With a small deviation towards the beach you can reach the resting area of Kukkarojärvi Lake, where you will find toilet, campfire place, lean and fitness equipment.

The journey continues slightly off the shoreline, diverging towards the first evergreen forest section of the route. Old trees with hanging moss creates a quiet atmosphere. Take a moment to slow down and enjoy the company of wise and old friends.

The evergreen forest of Kukkarojärvi.

Next, the journey will head to a swamp, but luckily there are duckboards.

Duckboards can be slippery.


Pukinsilmä, the buck’s eye, is a beautiful circle-shaped pound.

The route crosses Metsäopistontie and continues along the Mustonen shoreline. Turn left and keep going the west side of Mustonen. Soon you will head parking area P8.

Alternatively you can turn right and add Mustonen pond circuit to your hike.